Perfect wave


Sheet Fin Art Paper Acid Free Smooth 320g.

Digital illustration, limited edition.

Size A3 (30 cm x 42 cm) including the white border 2 cm wide.

Sealed with the original seal of Nunatakk’s World, hand-signed on the back.

Original illustration without Watermark.



Colors of green, violet and purple blue tones that blur between them and cause a cold sensation, but at the same time it becomes a magical scenario with that white and frothy texture.

Lono, with a lot of temperance and lucidity appears surfing a perfect wave.

The illustration of “Perfect wave” represents the sensitivity of perfection in its purest form, a mystical sensation full of charm and splendor.

When an image comes to mind, I try to capture it live.

I start directly with a mixture of different colors, then I add subtle brushstrokes and different textures, and I finish with some touches using different tools until I see the illustration finished.

All with a lot of passion.



Illustration protected with Watermark and Copyright.© 2021Janna Plandolit-Nunatakk’s World. Illegal reproduction prohibited.