The island


Sheet Fin Art Paper Acid Free Smooth 320g.

Digital illustration, limited edition.

Size A3 (30 cm x 42 cm) including the white border 2 cm wide.

Sealed with the original seal of Nunatakk’s World, hand-signed on the back.

Original illustration without Watermark.



A mixture of light and dark colors that draw a storm sky, a blanket of greenish tones that covers the mountains of the island and crystal-clear blue waters that you can perceive the marine life. A shocking and mysterious landscape.

The four of them surfing the waters of the island without knowing what awaits them.

The illustration of “The Island” represents change. At the top of the island, you will find the beginning of a new dawn, the beginning of an unexpected end. The important thing is that you learn to be the hero of your own story.

When an image comes to mind, I try to capture it live.

I start directly with a mixture of different colors, then I add subtle brushstrokes and different textures, and I finish with some touches using different tools until I see the illustration finished.

All with a lot of passion.



Illustration protected with Watermark and Copyright.© 2021Janna Plandolit-Nunatakk’s World. Illegal reproduction prohibited.